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Sekellus is the ancient celtic god of agriculture, forests, and most importantly, alcoholic drinks. The fully stocked bar features many great local wine and beer selections that will make sure you're in the mood to party. Here you can dance to the Unz of various modern electronic music pumped out nightly by our own Dj Taranis.

Sekellus is a private club open to invitaion only. There is never a cover charge, however Sekellus always welcomes sacrificial offerings of alcohol. Please remember, Sekellus is a non-smoking club.

HB2A v2.0 Announced!

Posted by Joe on March 13, 2009

It's that time of year again where we all gather at Sekellus to say Happy Birthday 2 All who have a birthday around this time of year. If you were present (or sober enough) for last year's HB2A, you know we also say "How did THIS sticky spot get here?!"

Like last year we will have food, a cake, and plenty of alcohol. We will be starting the party at 7pm on Saturday, April 4th.

Spirits List Added

Posted by Joe on September 21, 2008

Our list of available spirits has been added. Use the top navigation to get there.

Update: Beer and Wine list also added and will be updated regularly.

The Patio at Sekellus - Coming Soon!

Posted by Joe on April 20, 2008
The Patio

I'm drunk.

Posted by Joe on Apri;l 5, 2008

I am seriouslie drink. Thank u all fo r coming ou t to iget and drinkin with us.

Update 4/6 10am: Wow what a hangover ... Sekellus is doubling as a quiet hangover shelter today.

Wickliffe GeoFika Afterparty hosted at Sekellus

Posted by Joe on March 1, 2008

Sekellus is proud to host its first post-geofika afterparty on March 19th. All strange GPS toting wackos are welcome to attend.

Sekellus open for business!

Posted by Joe on September 29, 2007
Open for Business

Sekellus opens its doors for the first time thanks to help from Bob, Pete, Todd, Marya, Scott, Tim, and Ben. Thanks guys!

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